View of displays: 75 inch main display for the congregation. 32 inch for the choir, this will be replaced by a 40 inch later this week. It will also be attached to the wall just below the mirror. The 32 inch will be moved across the chancel so the rector can view it.

On the piano we have placed an Apple TV that is controlled by the workstation. We use it to display Powerpoint presentations of our services and hymns.


There is a dvd player which we use for movies and a 4-way HDMI switch that allows for the same display on all the televisions.


The setup has been received very well by the congregation. It is being used during Lent for our joint Lenten Studies with St George’s.

A shelf has been installed under the large tv and the DVD player, etc. will be installed there. This will allow us to clean up the appearance of the cables.

An electrician was hired to install extra wiring and plugs to make sure we were up to code.