Over the course of our marraige, our family has travelled widely in Canada and the northern United States. My wife is originally from Lorne, Nova Scotia. She was born in Britain and came to Canada as a very young child, settling on a farm just outside New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She moved to Saskatchewan as a new teacher to work for the Dept. of Indian Affairs at Shoal Lake School.

I am also originally from Britain, coming with my parents and younger brother to Canada in 1957 to North Battleford, Sask. and then to Moose Jaw where I completed my High School. After High School I went to work for Amerada Petroleum on a seismic crew (Party 15) where I gradually moved up the pecking order from lowly Jug Hustler through Computer's Helper, Shooter's Helper to Shooter. These were a few years of travel through the three western provinces and a lot of fun. I had to quit because I injured a leg. I decided to take a course in Radio Operating and Electronic Communication at the Manitoba Institute of Technology in Winnipeg-I then returned to a Seismic Crew as a technician on Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas's Vibroseis crew-again lots of travel in Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta and British Columbia.

After a year of this, and wishing to further my education, I enrolled in Radio & TV Repair at STI in Moose Jaw. After graduation I worked at short term jobs in Regina until I decided to grow up and go to to the University of Regina and train to be a teacher-something I wished I'd done years before, but didn't have the will to do! My electronic's training was not a waste as I used it to get a part time job in the University's AV Department.

Upon Graduation with a two year certificate (I now have a degree) I bought myself a truck and moved to Sturgeon Landing, Saskatchewan. Sturgeon Landing is located north west of The Pas, Manitoba, about ten feet inside the Saskatchewan border! I taught the Kindergarten, Readiness and Grades 1 to 3 class. There were 27 children enrolled, none of whom spoke English as a first language. I only spoke English. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching these children and often wonder what they are doing now.

The following year I moved to Red Earth, at the neighboring reserve of Shoal Lake there was a single female teacher: Inna Kaleva, We met, three months later we were married!

After moving first to Shoal Lake and then making a huge move to Tache Village in Northern BC where I became Principal, we had our son, Robert.

Summers were usually spent travelling to Nova Scotia or as Robert got older to places in the northern States-Yellowstone, Black Hills, etc.

After Robert graduated from High School and moved to Regina to attend University, Inna and I decided to travel. On the spur of the moment, in the Summer of 1998 we decided to fly to Britain to visit my relatives. I hadn't been back since I was 12 years old in 1957. The visit was a very emotional time for me as my mother had died in June, I have a second cousin living in Prince Albert, all the rest of my Canadian relatives consist of my wife and my son. My brother had moved back to Britain a number of years previously. We decided to impose our presence on my brother and his wife (what are relatives for, after all?) and use London as a base. In a whirlwind two weeks, we managed to see the highlights of London and get out to North Wales for a few days to visit most of my cousins and two surviving Aunts. We had such a wonderful time staying with my cousin, Christine Palmer in Summerhill, North Wales, that we decided to come back the following year- we spent three wonderful weeks in Britain. Again we imposed on my brother in London and made day trips out of London. (Britrail Passes are wonderful.) We spent more time in Wales-I wouldn't mind moving there after retirement as it is a most beautiful part of the world! We traced some of my family tree and discovered my great grandmother had lived in the town of Trydden, Flint, North Wales; my Grandfather was a twin. We also found the newspaper reports of my grandfather's death in a mining accident at Llay Hall Colliery in 1923.

Over the intervening years, we have travelled to Estonia (twice) and back to Britain and Dublin to visit relatives. In the past couple of years, Robert has graduated with a Masters in Applied Science- he is a software engineer and has been employed on a contract in San Diego.



Summer Vacation 2004
Estonia Dublin Bury St Edmunds Changing of the Guard Chester Llangollen Liverpool
V&A Museum
Cornwall London Oxford Hampton Court Imperial War Museum Changing of the Guard Staffordshire


Road-trip from San Diego to Lorne, Nova Scotia. Spring 2010